The American Rebel

Having been a couple of months since I tentatively agreed to this sadistic adventure and being all too aware just how difficult it’s going to be you would have thought I would be well into a structured training schedule and feeling stronger everyday as a result. You’d be wrong.

Straight after signing my soul away for the coming year I jumped on a plane bound for Texas to visit my beautiful girlfriend who I hadn’t seen for a few months. And here I am, still stateside, with lots of wonderful tex-mex food in my tummy and a lot less miles in my legs. Am I any fitter than when I left back in the beginning of September? Well, before this week I would say absolutely not. But this week I’ve finally set the wheels in motion and taken the handbrake off, moving gently from neutral into first. The reason? I would say it was the combination of a rising sense of guilt and anxiety about not having begun yet and the fact that Brittney has started working four days a week and so my personal time has greatly increased.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t done any form of exercise since I’ve been here. We’ve run on a few occasions, usually for between 30-45 minutes and once ran a whole lap of white rock lake, which was a 10mile route under a rather hot sun. But this week was the first time I’d sat on a saddle and wrapped my fingers around some handlebars (even if they couldn’t turn because they were attached to an indoor bike…booo!) I spent a total of 8.5 hours turning my legs but going nowhere this week and feel a lot better for it. Compared with the months leading up to the Tour this week will seem pitiful and almost useless but right now it’s important in that the cobwebs have been dusted off and my legs feel a bit looser than they did on Monday. We’re away this weekend so I’ll have a nice bit of time to rest up before trying to get another block of hours in next week. I’m keen to just spin a nice easy gear at the moment to wake my legs up and gradually build up a bit of strength.

It’s very early days but I’m feeling positive about the whole thing!

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