The Wheels of Time

I am officially bored with the stationary bike at the gym. It offers me nothing but an opportunity to hurt myself and helps me realize my less than satisfactory current fitness. It is a necessary evil if you will.

Last week ended on a promising note. I travelled with Brittney, her mum and brother, to the small town of Enid, Oklahoma, where she grew up. We were staying with some of her mum’s old friends who’d apparently already been informed of my interest in cycling. The first thing Willis (owner of the house) said to me in fact was “Do you want to go out riding with some local bikers in the morning?” I agreed, despite the early rise it would entail and his consistent promising that these guys were very, very fast. And so at 6.45am the following morning I got my wake up call and soon found myself with the owner of the one bike shop in town being given some kit and a bike to borrow. Just over an hour later I had about 20 miles in my legs and a warm cup of coffee in my hand. The ride was short and sweet. It felt good to ride a proper road bike again (spec tarmac) and feel the wind on my face. The pace was faster than I’d been riding during the week but fortunately we didn’t ride for too long. An unexpected but fun end to my first genuine training week!

I have not been quite so lucky with invitations this week and so have spent 8 hours sat sweating it out on the gym bike. I still can’t spend more than 2 hours on the damn thing without my legs feeling like jelly and a dangerously strong desire to shoot myself. Brittney and I also went running at the lake on Friday. My legs felt heavy at first but after nearly an hour had loosened up nicely.

I can’t wait to get out on my bike when I get home! Less than two weeks now. It’s a shame that I’m here and the sun is shining and I have no bike, yet when I’m home and do have one, it will most likely be raining and cold. Typical!

Here’s to getting a few more hours in next week and enjoying my last full week with Brittney! Till next time…

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