The Days of DIY

Sitting in a pile of plaster with more on my face than on the wall is leaving me plenty of time to ponder the journey we are embarking on. I don’t know if it is blind stupidity that makes me feel only excitement for the challenge ahead but even with all the issues; logistics, drivers, camper van deposits, sponsorship, training (in winter), media coverage and trying to remember that this is meant to be fun I still feel a wave of optimism rather than any kind of panic.

I did get fairly pissed off the other day when getting ready to go on a training ride and I ended up losing the fecking shed key as I was standing in the dark, in my lycra, in the rain, lit only by the flashing red light on my helmet! I have to admit to kicking the shed door then trying to break the padlock and finally giving up and eating a whole bar of nougat on the sofa.  Improvise, adapt and overcome! ( I found the shed key under the car the next day)

We really are going to complete something fairly special and taking my inspiration from Adidas we need to remember that “impossible is nothing” (defiantly written by a German) and that all it is really is a bit of cycling.

I realise only about 8 people are currently reading the website most of whom are cycling anyway so I’m off to finish the plastering before it goes off but remember we are looking for people to come and enjoy a few glasses of vino in the evenings and help us with a few hours driving, not just cyclists!

Come and join the party peloton!!!

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