the time be ticking in texas

Being my last full week here and finding myself still wanting to spend as much time as possible with the same person I’ve been joined at the hip with for the past two months, this weeks training has been put on the back burner it seems.

Yes lazy days painting and attending happy hours have been the story of this week. They have been the story of quite a few weeks here actually…

My motivation to ride the spinning bike has taken a nose dive much like Rick Perry’s presidential campaign. This is due to three reasons. One, it is boring. Two, it is disgusting how much I sweat on it. And three, umm, umm, err….

Monday was a leisurely hour spin and that was enough to deter me from retuning again until the weekend. We went to white rock lake on tuesday and ran for an hour. It felt great to be outside. Wednesday, thursday and friday I did nothing. This felt good. By saturday however, my conscience was getting the better of me and I managed to fit in and hour and a half on the bike before going out for some tasty Mexican food and drinks. Brittney had a wedding shower to go to on sunday. She got to drink coffee and eat cakes. I got dropped off at the gym on the way. I got to drink my own sweat and eat a bruised banana. I do now have an extra two and a half hours in my legs (the longest ride yet!) although I do need to replace seventeen litres of water that is now on the gym floor.

So six hours total for the week. Not a lot but my legs definitely felt stronger after those days of rest. I can’t see next weeks hours going up due to leaving the US but once I’m back on good old British soil I’m excited to get on it! Please be kind weather…

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