Learn to Burn!

So now the website is working and we are moving forward it starts to become apparent that the days of chatting in the pub and saying how much training we would be doing, how fit we will be etc etc etc start to become a reality!!!

Getting on my bike at 6:30 every morning this week has been abit of a wake up to just how much work we are going to have to do. Feeling tired after cycling to work for 5 consecutive days doesn’t bode well!! So the training has really begun in earnest.
With Christopher returning from his Texan love nest and Pretty Chris (Oscier) moving into his new house (with my girlfriend, I don’t want to talk about it) and Charlie getting engaged things are finally set for us to really start pilling the miles on!

Christopher is coming up with a detailed and complex training plan that involves 1000’s of hour on the bike. If possible it would be great to do it in a slow mo montage that culminates in us all cuddling on top of a Surrey hill side soaked in sweat with huge legs that only takes 2 minutes. However it will take 8 months of brutal riding to get into the sort of shape we need to find!

The Virgin Giving site will be up and running shortly. We just need to sort out dividing the money between our charities and if we can do that through Virgin Giving or not!! Very soon and then the countdown to the big £10,000 will begin!

Some exciting news from sponsors but I will save that until we have something a little more definite to tell!!!

Moustache is coming along nicely as well, I had some very hurtful comments about people “pretending “ they couldn’t see it but as the days grow colder it is very nice to have a warm upper lip whilst cycling. As we all know with great moustache comes great responsibility and so I must go and do something meaningful….or something fun!
Go Well

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