Adieu America! Bonjour England!

Dark at 4pm? Jackets and gloves? Where are all the pick-ups? I must be home.

Ever since I moved to sunnier (and warmer!) pastures a few years ago I always felt a slight twinge of nostalgia when thinking of the British winter. Walking home from the train station wrapped in a thick black coat, gloves, scarf, hat, the works. Seeing my own breath and other people’s and other people’s cars breath. Walking fast to get home to that cozy fire and pate on toast! It’s like the pain and uncomfortable nature of the elements, the freezing cold, the howling wind, the heavy rain, are required for the warmth of the fire and pate to be satisfying.

Getting on my bike this week for the first time in bloody ages had this exact pain/pleasure relationship. After an hour or two my legs, arms and back all ached. I got out of the saddle to escape the pain in my lower back and now found the pain in my arms and legs increased. The thing is I didn’t want to stop. It was absolutely beautiful being outdoors racing through woodland under a crisp blue sky and on a carpet of fallen orange. I had every reason to be a little bit down having just left Brittney, feeling jet lagged, having no money and no job. But right now as I twisted down some sweeping single-track, my hands gently gripping the handlebars,  my bum hovering just over the saddle, now I felt genuinely happy and free!

The next 8 months is going to be full of these feelings. I’m excited that by Christmas riding a bike should feel normal again and hopefully some of the aches and pains will have gone away.

As for this week I managed a final lap of white rock lake on monday. It’s about 9-10miles around and I ran it in an hour and twenty. I will miss that place. On wednesday I got to say an emotional (yeah right!) goodbye to the spinning bike. 2 hours. Done! Thursday was my flight. Time to say goodbye to my beautiful girl. I cried all morning and feel no shame. And yes I did have to wear sunglasses in the airport. Friday I was a zombie. And the weekend I managed to pull myself out of bed for a couple of hours each day for a ride on my tricross fixy (the gear destroyed me).

Lets hope this week brings more hours on the bike, more reunions with friends I haven’t seen for too long and more tea! I missed you tea.

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