MUC OFF is go!

Ah the time has come to put in another blog. Things are starting to get exciting! We are really pleased to announce the involvement on Muc Off with ODA we are just putting the final touches to the sponsorship package we are coming up with but it is great to have such a top brand on board. For those of you who don’t know Muc-Off it does exactly what it says on the can! Its the world’s best bike cleaning and maintenance equipment check it out!

Training has been progressing slowly and in the wet! Turns out that it is really really dark now at 06:30 and the miserable persistent rain has led me to realise that new winter tyres and brake are a must! I have been struggling to stop and since my recent collision with a tramp (don’t worry the bike was fine) it has now become priority number one!!Had a great ride with the Winchester guys on Tuesday and saw the first crash of the winter. Really nasty slide that brought home that cycling in the rain is truly shit.

The really big news is that we have taken the decision to get a Twitter account. This has been a major decision and not one taken lightly due to my dislike of people feeling that everyone else needs an update of their exact thoughts and feelings on a constant basis. However it has been pointed out to me the value twitter can bring so we have taken the plunge!!! We will all be Tweeting how we are getting on with our training, any interesting sponsorship news and I’m sure eventually how we are feeling every minute of every day and what we think about pointless celebrity subjects as we all get addicted!

And so we continue the search for help and support. If anyone has any good ideas or contacts about the following things then get in touch!!
1. Excellent black tie venues with a good charity discount (top class not a local parish hall!
2. Good media contacts-friends family anyone with any kind of contacts!!!
3. Possible sponsors/ doners
4. Some new legs capable of finishing the tour De France!!!
5. Cyling clubs who would like to get involved in some way with the project

Go well and keep safe and dry in the rain

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