Juggling on my bike

Okay, let’s clarify that. I can’t juggle. I definitely can’t juggle on my bike. Please don’t ever ask me to try and perform this death defying feat because I can’t do it. So yes, the title of this blog may seem a little confusing at the moment. Let me explain…

For a while now I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to choose the hours I want to ride my bike. Shall I do 3 hours tomorrow? Umm, okay, not much else to do. Shall I go in the morning, say 9am? Umm, no, don’t really fancy that. I’ll have an easy morning, watch some Bargain Hunt, maybe a bit of Jeremy Kyle, eat a pizza and then I’ll go! All good things have to come to an end and alas my life as a professional bum has indeed finished. I have a job! My old job in fact. I am the friendly face that greets and tries to sell you a bicycle at http://corridori.co.uk/ I love the job and the guys that work there (don’t ever let them know that) but the thing is…

Where has all my spare time gone? I’m not used to this. Even in Thailand the working day was over by 3pm at the latest and there was pretty much guaranteed sunshine till 7pm or 8pm. I don’t even have a pretty face and snuggle to come home to (no offence family) at the moment. I don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom. It’s only I wish there were say 30 hours in the day.

Here’s some irony for you though. My final week of being a professional bum resulted in 12.5 hours in the saddle. 3 of these were spent suffering behind a few riders who were much too fast for me. Definitely the hardest ride so far and the type of ride I’m hoping to avoid for a while until I build up a bit more strength in my legs. Compare those 12.5 hours with this week where I have worked 3 days and you (and certainly I) may be surprised. I managed to cycle and extra 5 hours this week making it by far my biggest week of training so far. 3 hours is still the longest I’ve been on a bike in one sitting but I’m more than happy with this at this time of the year. We still have over 6 months of training left so we must make sure we don’t tire ourselves out too early!

An hour before and after work for a few weeks should build the legs up enough to power all the Christmas goodness up box hill come the new year. We’ll see how that goes. Till next time!



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