Everyone asks me what im on?I’m on my bi….well actually im on a train

So the weather is here and I think it might be here to stay!!!!!

Riding home from work in the pissing rain and it got to the stage when I couldn’t see the road inf ront of me and my shower proof jacket was soaked through soooo I got on the train. I was feeling pretty guilt and then the Lance Armstrong quote from one of the best Nike adverts hit me.

Everyone keeps asking me what am on? What am I on? I’m on my bike busting my ass 6 hours a day.

As I stood on the train we pulled up to the next stop and a guy with a commuter bike and panniers got on and looked at me and gave me a knowing smile. Ahh so you have given up as well. It immediately hit me that it doesn’t matter if there is torrential rain these are miles we need now and if we don’t get them then we won’t make it. I jumped up grabbed my helmet and jumped off the train, promptly spilling gloves, hat, buff etc on the platform, and then busted my ass home. I think I might have a cold coming on but defiantly worth it for the knowledge that I didn’t wimp out (for too long!)!
We have been plowing on with the plans and progress. Mule bar are going to be helping us with our nutrition which is fantastic and we are just waiting for our training programme to come through from Team Sky so we can start 2012 with a bang.

We have our sponsorship material ready now so if you know anyone who wants a copy or any companies looking for some good exposure then drop us an email or tweet. We have worked out the costs are coming in at around £18000 so any help towards this would be a huge help.

Keep spinning and turning the pedals. Just swap your tyres for some offroad ones and your road lights for fairy ones!

Plus go CAV4SPOTY!!!

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