Same same, but different…

Two weeks. An instant and an eternity. So much happens in them yet also nothing really. Over the course of the next couple of months these last fourteen days will likely blend into any of the other fourteen days of the (wait for it…) nine thousand eight hundred and eighty seven I’ve so far amassed. Yet everyday holds the potential to change my life. Indeed, everyday changes the lives of so many. For better, for worse. My last two weeks have made my life neither better nor worse. Well, maybe a little better as it’s now only fifty eight more cold, lonely sleeps! Other than that, the shop is just as quiet, my legs feel just as heavy and the cold is just as cold.

We set up our Christmas window display earlier this week. It must be the cheapest in the country. We spent three pounds ninety eight on two rolls of holographic wrapping paper. One side was red and the other silver. We cut up the left over paper and sprinkled silver ‘snow’ over a red landscape. Then we did a bit of paintshoppro and stuck a couple of tiara’s on Paul and Guy’s heads. Little angels.

I’ve managed to do seventeen hours each week on the bike which I’m more than happy with at this time of year. I’ve continued with the hour before and after work and on my day’s off I’ve done some cross country trails which is way more fun! Some people have decorated a few trees in the middle of the woods on esher common. Purple and silver tinsel hanging from pines kissed by a warming sun on a brisk winters day. Beautiful. I need the cold and darkness to feel Christmassy that’s for sure. It felt wrong in the sun in shorts and sandals. Although gulping mulled wine and passing an ever shrinking chocolate orange around on a night train to Bangkok on Christmas eve is a moment I’ll never forget.

The roads are getting a bit slippery now. Coupled with some of the idiot drivers on our roads (and there are many!) my wish for Christmas is that all of the onedayaheader’s keep safe over the festive period. I for one am excited about the whole thing! A glass of champagne and plate full of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, brussel sprouts and cranberry sauce will make Chris incredibly happy next weekend. I’m sure I’ll write all about it next time. Cheers for now!

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