The Final Countdown Has Begun!

Well its here. I was reading an article about what 2012 has to offer and I read that the Olympics was a mere 200 days away. This really really scared me as it meant that the start of the Tour was therefore only 200 days minus the 21 days for the tour + the one day ahead and the 7 days from when the  Tour finishes and the Olympics start away (171 days basically). And this was last week!!!!

Lots to do before then including getting all of the training done. So its really nice when you start to get abit bogged down in the logistics, the fundraising etc etc to get on your bike on a chilly Sunday morning and go for a 80mile spin with some cyclists and remember what the whole event is about! Even better when you mange to keep up with the current female national points champion. Corrine was defiantly going easy to spare my blushes and i’m sure when her new Team Pinarello Paris  comes through she wont be so forgiving! Everyone went really well and I think we may have recruited another 2 willing souls to the cause in Tommy and Jamie! Fingers crossed Jamie (musical superstar and Carey  Mulligan fan) will be providing some of his music for our new video blogs you can check him out and Tommy(life saving commuter) will be helping keep the wind off our faces and banter flowing freely!!!
So we have a few important events coming up including the first of our pub fundraising evenings. Keep your eyes open for this as Charlie is working hard to get it organised and as soon as we have a finalised date then we can see how quickly the tickets sell out. Should be a great evening with live music and a few surprises in store ( including the ODA cocktail!) and much much more. I will keep you posted!

Well the “recovery ride” as Christopher puts it has made me very ready for bed so I will let him put the pictures up of the first big ride of 2012. I have a funny feeling there maybe a few more miles to come!


P.s. Thanks to Andy “the Prawn” for the new bike! Much appreciated



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