An Alpine Lift Pass For Cyclists???

So I managed to survive the powder and Alpine alcohol abuse to come back from skiing intact. The first forays on the bike have proved the theory that skiing helps cycling! I haven’t gained any stamina but in terms of strength I have gained quite abit! Also my knee which was aching has stopped so I suppose it was therapeutic! I think I will start designing a training programme for the pros based soley on winter skiing so they are Tour de France ready when they hit the roads! It will probably be more popular that slogging up a peak district hill in February!

It was however abit of a wake up call when it takes 25mins to get halfway up col du Madeleine in the car. Bugger. I forgot how much bigger the alps were than Box Hill. Still at least its not like we will be plowing up just the Alps for 3 weeks (simply 4 days then the Pyrenees!!!)

Fingers crossed now that Mick survives his winter alpine training retreat and then we can start praying to the spring goods to let the sun start shining and to melt the Alpine snow ready for us to come cycling …… slowly/gradually /painfully/unwittingly/foolishly/insert your own verb, up the monstrous climbs. Ouch.

We finally have all of our marketing blurb sorted out thanks to the genii at 3 men in a suit. A really great sponsorship leaflet/flyer which is available to anyone who wants one! Give any of us an email or drop us a line at and I will send one through to you!

The first order for our “retro” shirts has gone through. These are the souvenir version which will hopefully be signed and framed and put on the wall after the event itself. The idea is to use them for early training events and marketing bits and bobs until we get the sponsorship stuff finalised to produce a garish shirt covered in logos! Still a real jersey with our colours and our website on! Exciting! Let us know what you think??

Now is the time to start getting the fundraising side of things moving so start heading to our Virgin giving site to help us start building towards that momentous (you could say Alpine sized) target for Leukaemia research!

Go well and safe in the ice!


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