Baby it’s cold outside

Saturday night. Lounging next to the log fire. Outside is a carpet of white. Next to me is half a glass of a soft, luscious, cherry flavoured wine with hints of exotic spices. The occasional whiff of chicken and pheasant roasting in the oven seeps into the room and is sucked up the chimney, dispersing in the bare, savage, beautiful night. This is where I want to be.

This week really has felt like a new level of coldness and bitterness. The wind is what’s killer. To my credit I did brave it most evenings this week although I’m not convinced it did me the world of good. Those showers where you’re running luke warm water on you’re feet and they feel all tingly and burning aren’t fun!! The pro’s who will be riding exactly the same route as us in July are currently in Majorca or Lanzarote or Portugal riding six hours a day in beautiful sunshine getting lovely tan lines. I want tanlines!! Riding through sunflower fields in shorts and a One Day Ahead jersey is a distant but very warming image right now.

I suffered my first injury last week. It was my fault to be honest. Some other riders who come to the shop have started doing interval sessions and chaingangs in preparation for the new racing season. I thought it sounded good to do a few sprints and ended up pulling a muscle in my left leg above my knee. Silly. I obviously looked like Mark Cavendish when sprinting though. Fortunately it was a minor pull and four days of icing and no riding sorted it out. Definitely won’t be doing any sprints for a while that’s for sure!

In other exciting news I’ve decided the wheels I’ll be riding the Tour on…I’m going to build some new and very pimpy Hope hubs onto Mavic Open Pro rims. These won’t be the lightest wheelset but I thought it best to sacrifice a few grams to ensure strength! And they are red! And they have a nice clicking sound! That’s very important you know. And did I mention they are red? PIMP!

Been listening to and enjoying the sweet sounds of Lana Del Ray this week. Not often do covers improve or add to a song but I know one that does both. I went to uni with these guys and they are class:

Right, the whiffs of chicken and pheasant are becoming stronger and my glass is empty. Outside the white carpet is now a cushion. Tomorrows ride could be interesting…

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