Terror Alert. Terror Alert.

4 hours! This seems like a long time on a bicycle where you have changing scenery and speeds to pass the time. And it seems like a f*$#ing long time when you’re waiting for someone who you love and haven’t seen for 3 months at airport arrivals! Especially when you’re in a grey suit and trying just as hard to hold a smile as you are a rose.  This was the situation I found myself in on valentines day.

It was harder than training! Standing still is knackering! Pedalling a bike is way easier. After a couple of hours of waiting I got a phone call from immigration saying they had my Brittney (who doesn’t particularly fit the usual terror suspect image) with them and needed to ask me a few questions. This is when I regretted being the only guy on the opposite side of the barriers from the hundred others waiting for their loved ones. I must have looked like the guy who had been ditched as I walked head down staring 5ft in front of me away from the doors, the rose wilting with every step I took. Another 2 hours of kicking my heels and a hefty parking charge (f*#$ing immigration pikies!) and we were out! A happy couple reunited.

During the past few days since then I’ve come to realize something. Getting out on my bike is going to be hard! 3 hour ride in the cold, wind and most likely rain or double movie session snuggling on the sofa with a cup of tea and chocolates? Hmm…ummm….tricky one. As if this wasn’t enough of a challenge haha! I’m a lot lot happier and feel complete now Britt is here though and I’m sure her support will be vital from now until the champs elysees. We had an awesome evening watching M83 the other night. They were truly epic. 2 of my favourites:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bzge5vY72hE “We own the sky”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4uBFX7gOuA “Wait”

Last weekend Jay and I rode the London cyclocross team champs along with seasoned pro Tony Bartlett as the Corridori/One Day Ahead team. We all had a great time and due to training for much longer distances the 1 hour race seemed to fly by. It was probably the slippiest race I’ve ever done and I think literally all of the 116 riders that took to the start line ended up on their head/face/bottom at least once (Jay significantly more!) Here are some more pics from the event…

As you can see my wheels are finished! Big thank you to Paulie at the shop for building them!! I owe you one big baby shams and some fancy chocolate truffles Paulie! Look how pimpy they are 🙂


I hope everyone’s riding is going well. We can now get a couple of free entries into virtually all of our training events but we need to enter them pronto. They rightly expect something back from us in terms of a report of the event and some happy faces whilst riding it so get entering!! These will not put vital miles into our legs but also get us to bond us a team, motivate each other, spread the ODA “word”, drill up (haha) some donations and get to see more of our beautiful country. Win win win.

Good day!

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