‘Choose your weapons’

One of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make….not what to wear, new haircuts oh no nothing along those lines instead its- Which bike is the machine that I am going to choose to take me on this adventure and be my body extension for the next four months.

Having become what can only be classed as a ‘Bike Pervert’ I have found myself following good bikes around Richmond park just so that I can have a look when they stop! Or taking notes on the bikes that are left at the rowing club! Pretty sure they are going to install cctv now as that can’t look normal.


It started with a lot of lists and research there are a lot of bikes out there and they all seem to want to be ridden.

Specialized, Trek, Giant, Bianchi e.c.t- the options are endless!

Having made an excel sheet with the pro and cons of each bike and gone through the reams of info the verdict has been to throw all that away and go on some test rides. Currently veering towards a Specialized as I have always had them for mountain biking. Also I hate to admit it……but I really like there colour scheme and they would go very well with my outfit.


Hopefully be purchasing next week and will be off my hundred year old two geared bike (maybe a slight exaggeration)


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