The first hill is definitely the steepest….

Having never owned a road bike…having not ridden seriously since I was roughly ten throwing myself down the chalky Surrey hills with Chris, Jamie and Charles. I now find myself again with Jamie, Charles and Chris throwing myself up hills this time!!

Having procrastinated over which bike to purchase I ended up with the lovely specialised allez and christened her on box hill last weekend.

This weekend we all headed to the Cotswolds to put our bikes, riding and memory skills to the test.

Britney and I decided it wasn’t the best plan to go cycling with the boys as we are working on our fitness levels and seems it was my second time ever on a road bike I figured that maybe starting a tad smaller would be better.

Well Britney and I managed 50miles exactly over the hills of the Cotswolds (we know that it was exactly 50miles as we were on 49:3 when we got home only to meet chris outside who made us finish to 50!! As I am sure you can imagine he had some choice swear words thrown at him).

For a second attempt on the bike I was very pleased and very proud of Britney. All I can say is thank god I can’t read a map otherwise I am sure when it got pretty windy we would have tried to find a short cut :D!

Saturday evening we were ‘cleansed’ with a very hot chilli con carrni, red wine and whos in the bag!

Sunday only managed 15miles as I was heading home to go rowing in the afternoon which was great fun.

So its back to cycle on lunch breaks and good old spinning classes until the next weekend anyways…thinking of conquering the Devon hills next :D…

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