Sortie 35 of the Flying Cyclist

Well firstly apologises for such a long time between blogs! I have been very absent from the keyboard due to cycling (obviously) and saving the North Sea!
As a result I am writing this in a small Dornier aircraft 200nautical miles over the North Sea which by a strange coincidence is exactly the same model I was doing a parachuting course in a few years ago. No fear of jumping out this time though, the North Sea doesn’t look that inviting!

Having a job that is not very forgiving in terms of a structured training regime has not been great although my knowledge of the wide variety of hotel spinning bikes in exsistence has greatly increased. I seriosuly misjudged the clientele of the hotel in Aberdeen when I rocked up in lycra shorts and hopped on a spinning bike to the great amazment of the 4 massive guys lifting weights in the corner. I was expecting to get a deepfired batter sauasage roll to the heeeed but I escaped with only some chuckles and sweated lycra! 
We have had a few excellent developments in the last few weeks including the confirmation of our team physio who is along for the challenge, Lisa Jelly, High5 nutrition coming on board as our full time nutrition partner and the announcement of the date for our launch party!

Lisa ready for the challenge

We are very excited about welcoming Lisa along for the ride as she will she will be coming with us for the duration of the Tour! I can hear my legs and back groaning already! Having Lisa on board will be a huge boost for our wrecked bodies and will no doubt be crucial in getting us all to Paris! Lisa has worked for Physioworld for 2 years and is a born adventurer having camped all over the world and hikeda round the Torres del Paine National park in Patagonia! Luckily she is obviously used to roughing it and we are hoping that this will be another great adventure to add to her travellers CV!

High5! What a great result for the project. Getting High5 on board has solved one of our major issues in regards to our nutrition needs and they will be providing us with unlimited access to their fantastic range during the build and the Tour itself! Adnan will be doing some product reviews for us over the coming weeks and telling us all about why he thinks it going to help us a huge amount!

We are having a sending off party on the 23rd of June at Look Mum No Hands in London to help us raise some cash for our Charities and so you get to see us all in spangley Lycra!
We have some really great stuff lined up and it will be going on late into the evening and Gaby and Sadie will be putting up more detials very shortly.
Go to our facebook page or here for the current details

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