One second

I cycled 100 miles on sunday. My family went to visit my nana in reading so I thought I’d kill those 2 proverbial birds with my solitary stone and cycle up there. The first 3.5 minutes and the final 338 minutes were great. The few seconds in between were almost tragic. Had I left a second earlier or decided to push on those pedals a little harder to warm my legs a little quicker I would have been well and truly side swiped by a car doing at least 40mph as it joined my road from a side road. Bang. The Tour over in a second. At best. Oh and what really got me was that every rude hand gesture and every screamed expletive in my repertoire went unnoticed as the driver didn’t even look in his mirrors! Bas*&%d f&#^ing &$^%er!

How fragile this dream is! It really could be lost in a second and the hundreds and hundreds of hours in the saddle and miles in the legs would go to waste. But this is all what will make achieving the dream so satisfying. It is the work we put in now and the everyday risks that we don’t even really think about that will help us conquer the giants standing tall and proud in the south of France. 

So my legs are smooth. I had my first road race last tuesday evening and my first physic session the following day so thought I’d better get myself looking like a cyclist again! It’s strange how by simply shaving the hair that grows so naturally on my legs I feel I can label myself a cyclist again. Is that what makes someone a ‘cyclist’ rather than bike rider? Not sure. It meant that I was confident stripping those leg warmers off for the first time this year on my long ride to reading. It felt good! It was great to race again. I definitely missed the competitive side of things when I was teaching in Thailand. I’m allowed to beat other cyclists but not kids. Apparantly. I got round okay enough to see the top 10 sprint off just in front of me but didn’t have that kick to go with them. Rolled home 12th which I was content with. Had my second race last night in the pissing rain. It was a much harder race this week. I got in what looked like the race winning break after about 15 minutes but got dropped after a few laps. I got caught by the bunch and thought we would be racing for 6th place but we ended up working well together and caught the break. As in last weeks race I got to the final straight but didn’t have the power to kick when they started sprinting. Think I was 11th or 12th. 


I’m really looking forward to the physio later today. It was bloody painful last week even if Sam was only doing 4 out of 10! haha. Got a bloke called Gruff today. Got to shake his hand just for that. 

Song of the month thus far: Example: Lying to yourself ( Nice voice but you couldn’t trust him 😉

Oh and if that sounds a bit soft for cycling try this one especially when it hits 3.30! 

Example: Playing in the shadows (

Right people. If you go, go safe!

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