Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin

The Hampshire Hilly Hundred does it exactly what it says on the tin. 100 miles of rolling Hampshire countryside in the company of 800 other cycling enthusiasts and thankfully in the blazing sunshine!

This made a massive difference to the past 2 weeks during which I have been ploughing round the same 25mile course at East Midlands Airport on a 1 hour standby job. Thankfully I was allowed to take my bike and managed to rack up over 1000kms during my incarciration. Funny how even though I had a nice bed to sleep in and expenses paid for meals each night my legs still felt like they had taken a kicking after a week of solid cycling. Oh dear! Luckily I had Sarah from Physioworld keeping me in shape!

When I am mixing High 5 recovery drink with red wine and throwing back protein rich Beaufort cheese pasta whilst sleeping in my motorhome bed with another 120miles of mountains to climb the next day I think things may be a little harder!

With the awful weather, meaning that I am now wearing more layers than I was back in January, has led to a very firm conviction in my head that cycling in the rain is rubbish. I am bored of being wet and cold so the Hampshire Hilly was a great way to kick start some warmth back into my cycling. Adnan, Charles and myself set off having taking a little 10mile detour to the start (as I said to the guys it’s all miles in the legs!) we arrived out of breath and a little late.  However we were soon flying off down the warm country roads shedding clothing and slower cyclists as we went aiming to claim the magical “Gold Medal” time of sub 5:38. We cycled really well as a trio and then when the hills gradually got a bit much for Charles (with less miles in his legs) as a duo.

Wearing the jerseys for the first time at a major event and showing to the world that the One Day Ahead boys had landed may have had something to do with our blistering initial pace and we soon had a least 10 guys hanging onto our wheels. This little pack of bastards hung on our wheels for the first 40miles with some of the guys (white short idiot as we affectionately called him) sticking around until about 60miles. Luckily we burned them all off with our pace and despite Adnan’s constant wee wee stops we crossed the line in a Gold Medal 5:33 avg 18.7mph. Not bad for 2 guys and a headwind.

I know we haven’t really been pushing the fundraising bit too hard yet but that is about to change! Please go to our Virgingiving site and get sponsoring us! They are great causes we are getting saddle sores for so please start donating!

Next up the Tour of Wessex! 3 days of fun to be had.

Keep your eyes open for our new range of t-shirts coming next week and start thinking about what colour and sizes you want! all the proceeds go to the charities!

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