“Sun is in the sky oh why oh why would I wanna be anywhere else”

I love our country when it’s like this. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes! I really think everyone seems a bit happier. Even the birds seem chirpier. And how easy is it to just ride your bike?! Those 4 hour rides that dragged so damn much in the winter are almost a pleasure. Almost. I love cycling so much more when it’s in a pair of bib shorts and a short sleeve jersey. Good riddance to those days of 5 layers of clothing!


We had the pleasure of Brittney’s mum, Debbie, staying with us for 3 weeks earlier this month. It was really fun having a new and excitable face around as I think at times I’ve been guilty of falling into a go to work, ride my bike, eat, go to sleep routine, which isn’t very exciting or sociable really. We went to some nice old pubs, introduced her to cider (which she loved) and took some day trips. We also had a beautiful weekend away in cornwall staying with auntie Mary and uncle Mick. The weather had been, how should I say it…bloody shite up that point so the baking sunshine was received with open arms.  We went to some little coastal villages and some more nice old pubs and drank some more refreshing cider. I also managed to get one really long and absolutely stunning ride in which basically followed the coast along to port Isaac and back. The road was constantly steep and usually felt like it was steep in a heading for the heavens kind of way. I did about 110 miles that day and was well and truly f@*^ed when I got back.


Since then I’ve been trying to cut down on the number of rides I do each week but make sure the long ones are long. I feel like I’ve done some pretty solid miles lately and my legs seem to be coping well. My physio, Gruff, has been doing a stellar job on my ITB bands and calves (even though it’s murder at the time!) and I really am grateful that we’ve got Physioworld on board as sponsors. I’ve noticed I’m enjoying just riding my bike at the moment and haven’t felt the need or desire to race for a while. Maybe it hurt too much. Maybe I wanted to be kicking it more than I was. I don’t know.

Brittney has been great support since she’s been here. Although before she arrived it was probably easier to get out on my bike (as I didn’t have a beautiful girl to hang out with) it’s made this challenge a lot easier in many ways. Little things like getting up and bringing me coffee and breakfast each morning so I can catch up on some sleep (even when she doesn’t need to be up) and being there to talk to help massively. I finish work on Friday and am really excited about having some free time to rest up a bit and also go and do some fun stuff that we haven’t had time for yet. She got a job teaching an English summer camp for a week in the Italian mountains so I’m going to head out and do some altitude training. Hell yeah I never thought I’d be able to say that! I’ll be able to get some pretty substantial carbo loading in too 🙂

Right, that’s all I’ve got. Oh wait, if you do nothing else today please check out my top friend Rich’s band. They’re called Slowglass and they’ve got an awesome album just out called Smoke Clouds. You can check some of their tunes out here…(http://www.facebook.com/slowglassband/app_2405167945)

 Peace, love and sunny spirits!

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