Physio prep

So with less than 3 weeks to go, I thought it was about time I organised all the physiotherapy kit we will need to take on the tour.  It’s amazing how much it all adds up when you start planning for all possibilities.  I will be raiding the Physioworld store next week making sure we have enough spikey balls and foam rollers, items I am sure the cyclists will loathe a few days in but will also not be able to live without once they feel the benefit to their muscles.   Chuck in some acupuncture needles, ibuprofen gel, ice packs and deep heat, amongst other items, and we are good to go.   Of course not forgetting the portable plinth.  (how much storage space do we have again??)  I am sure the guys already have fond memories of lying on the physioworld plinths during their free weekly sessions. It has been suggested on several occasions to put a camera under the plinth to capture some of the faces the guys make while treating their hamstrings, gluts or gastrocs.  Maybe that will be the basis for a future blog entry….

I am sure it is not the most pleasurable of experiences having trigger points released and deep soft tissue techniques focusing on the most tender and tight muscles/soft tissue.  However they seem to keep coming back every week so it can’t be that bad.  This sort of regular physio input is so beneficial in maintaining good quality soft tissue, especially with the unrelenting mileage being racked up on the bikes.  Having spoken to all the other physios involved with the pre tour care, it sounds like everyone is making good progress, and the bodies are holding out. As I start to learn more about the individual stages involved, specifically the mileage and gradients, what initially seemed like a 3 week holiday in France, is now starting to sound like a lot of important hard work!  It will be the lack of rest days throughout the 3 weeks that will take its toll on their bodies, and make physio so important in facilitating quick recovery and ensuring they get back on their bike the following day.

Talking of getting on the bike, I’m off for my first experience with a road bike. 120 miles maybe not, I’m going for 10!


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