We Have Take Off……

The launch party that was at ‘Look Mum No Hands ‘ in Old street London. Was such a fantastic venue, Band well EVENT!!! we arrived set up our kit which was a lot easier than I thought it would be, as the café is so well equipped and is full of great medium and bikes, which meant that we didn’t need to use all of our banners.  

We had a brilliant turn out of friends and family which was great overall it turned into a really good awareness evening and well a great party. Personally I totally forgot at about 10 that I was meant to be helping and got into the dancing area…what can I say the band ere just brilliant!!!! I cannot big them up enough!! I can’t wait to hear them at another event. Thank you Midnight Funk Orchestra.

The week that followed the party was absolute mayhem! Jamie’s bike arrived and well looked like it had been put together by monkeys. Thankfully George (Sigma’s star man) managed to work his magic and put her in a great working order.

Gaby’s Bike we picked up on Thursday evening from EBay having had hers stolen the week before! There was a mad panic to make it up to top spec very quickly!! Her Hero’s were Velosport in Putney.

Having got the bikes sorted the DVLA were the next ‘mountain’ in our way…turns out that Gaby is not allowed to drive abroad (or in England for that matter) due to a license problem which meant we were a driver down!! Thankfully the DVLA are very efficient and are on the case already with sorting out her license so that hopefully she can do some driving later on. Also one of the Motor homes had a lil problem before we left so Mick and Sara had to revert back to their original motor home.

Having the Homes filled with Muc- off, High Five and a Physio (the lovely Lisa) they were as ready as they will ever be.

Having been up pretty early doors on Friday I waved them off….. More than ready to join them next week with fresh legs and fresh supplies!!

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