Stage 1….

We are writing this blog from inside the winnebego that we have been stuck in (due to being badly stuck in the mud & breaking a fuse) for the past 2 days. That being said, it’s been a tale of two halves. The riders have had an incredibly successful time so far. I wish we could say the same for our traveling home. It got well stuck in the mud the first night, and managed to stay in that position for the next 2 nights. The fuse died, so VAC came out, fixed it, got it out of the mud with us 3 girls pushing it out, turned off the engine, left, then when we were all ready to go, nothing happened. The motorhome was completely dead. So we are waiting for the guy to come back and save us.
On to more important things, it was off to a rocky start when there was an electrical fault on the train that delayed us by an hour. After driving several hours, we finally arrived to our campsite in Leige. The riders started the prologue ride at 10:30am. We had lots of arranging and getting settling in to do, so needless to say, we didn’t get to bed early the first night.
The morning of Stage 1 as expected, got off to a late start. We are hoping that with time, we can get a system going that works well & efficiently, as of now, we are yet to find that system. The 4 guys and Gaby set off on their bikes at 12:30am. The hot and sunny 198 km ride from Liege to Seraing, which is basically a big loop, was mostly flat and surprisingly had been sign posted for the entire ride. Sara and Richard were the support vehicle that day and met them twice with sandwiches, drinks, fruit, etc. Gaby stayed with the guys for 45 miles (impressive!!). They all arrived back at the campsite around 9pm in good spirits! The evening concluded with pasta and painful physio by Lisa (and blowing a fuse in the motorhome). She said they are all in good condition right now, which is very encouraging! All of the hard and intense training seems to be paying off.
In the meantime, the VAC came back to fix the fuse. It’s not a permanent fix, as we have to take it to a garage first thing tomorrow to get it properly fixed. But we are on the way to Orchies where we will meet the gang and stay for the night. The riders will be riding 207 long but flat kilometers from Liege to Tournal. So far, only minor setbacks have happened for the overall supporting team. But we have managed to keep the riders going. Let’s hope they stay strong and healthy so they can complete this huge challenge they have set out for, which wouldn’t be possible without the sponsors of Chain Reaction, High Five and Muc Off. Stay tuned for more updates from One Day Ahead!

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