Oil Spill Response

Oil Spill Response are the world’s leading Oil Spill Response organisation with bases in Southampton, Aberdeen, Singapore, Bahrain, Jakata and Houston. With representation at every major oil spill since its foundation in 1987 OSRL provides operational disaster response and management anywhere in the world with a team of 80 dedicated response staff at a high level of readiness at our 3 major response bases.
OSRL have generously agreed to fund the fuel for the One Day Ahead project in the hope that one of their staff members will come back to work in one piece!!!

Our Response Readiness

• Guaranteed international response to members, 24 hours a day, 365 days a
• The Oil Spill Response’s Duty Manager will respond to an emergency call within 10
• Dedicated teams of highly experienced Response Staff trained to the highest
industry standards on permanent standby
• Ability to deploy aerial dispersants on a worldwide basis
• Response packages to meet a whole range of response services in offshore,
onshore and inland environments
• Equipment maintained to the highest industry standards
• Two Hercules aircraft held in constant readiness for equipment deployment and
aerial dispersant spraying
• Conduct Service Level Agreement Workshops for member companies
• Three equipment stockpiles – Bahrain, Singapore, Southampton
• Access to Global oiled wildlife response service support

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