Get Involved! The Ben Trend Foundation

Ben Trend was a great friend who Jamie shared many adventures and physically testing challenges with in stunning locations around the world. Tragically Ben died whilst in South Africa shortly after his 30th birthday leaving many fundraising events and challenges unfinished. It was with Ben firmly in mind that the One Day Ahead concept came together as a very challenging event in a stunning location with the aim of raising several thousand pounds for worthy causes is something Ben would definitely have been ready to get involved with.

In the course of his life Ben raised over £25,000 for charity and so it is fitting that half of the sponsorship raised from the One Day Ahead challenge will go to the Ben Trend Foundation to help individuals or organisations involved with sport in the Blackpool and Fylde area where Ben grew up and South West London where he lived for the last eight years of his life.

For more information about the Ben Trend Foundation please visit

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