Charlie Baker

Name: Charles Alexander John Francis Baker
Age: 29 (at time of TDF 2012)
What you do when your not cycling: Pub Landlord and Property Consultant
Craziest Place You Have Ever Cycled: Naked through London
Favourite Ride: Lanzarote Ironman Bike Route
Favourite Riding Snack: Spanish Tortilla (Omlette)
Most looking forward to the Tour: Col du Tourmalet
Most scared of on the Tour: Col du Tourmalet
Best Cycling Quote: Jens Voigt: “Shut up legs!”
Jens Voigt once challenged Lance Armstrong to a “who has more testicles” contest. Jens won… by five.
If by some incredible space-time paradox Jens Voigt could ever race himself, he would win.

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