Christopher Ansell

I’ve had the pleasure of living on planet earth for nearly 27 years most of which has been spent in the south London/surrey area, but which of late has seen me spending time in Asia and North America. For the last couple of years I have sustained my passion for travelling by teaching English predominantly in Thailand but also in Italy. These experiences have opened my eyes to just how big and diverse the world is and I will carry them with me for the rest of my life.

Riding a bike however, has certainly never been foreign to me! I rode my first bicycle when I was just four years old, although apparently didn’t learn how to brake or turn straight away as the wall outside the front of my first house will testify. Since becoming accustomed with the brake levers and handlebars I have greatly enjoyed cycling both on and off road. I find it a perfect escape from some of the trials and tribulations of life and also love the endless challenges that can be found whether it be a climb I’ve never been able to get up, a speed I’ve never been able to achieve or a distance I’ve never been able to accomplish. I am fully aware that the greatest challenge still lies ahead. Completing the Tour de France will most definitely be the biggest challenge of my life and one that I am incredibly excited, nervous and enthralled about. I grew up watching on tv in awe as some of the physically and mentally strongest humans struggled to complete the race. The thought of conquering those giant mountains that reach up to the clouds and making it all the way to Paris and the infamous champs eleysse therefore is like a dream. And this is a dream I intend on making come true…

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