Gabriella Wood

Name: Gaby
Age: 26
What you do when your not cycling: I work for VSO, an International Development charity.
Craziest Place You Have Ever Cycled: The Atacama desert with Wandsworth gyratory a close second.
Favourite Ride: A Sunday ramble around English country lanes. Followed by some posing at the Box Hill cafe.
Favourite Riding Snack: A mid-ride Sunday roast. Failing that, the king of snacks- Soreen.
Most looking forward to the Tour: The satisfaction of completing what you said you would, namely the Tourmalet on day 16.
Most scared of on the Tour: Falling victim to ‘claw hand’ on the epic, yet terrifying, descents.  That and manoeuvring the Winnebago.
Best Cycling Quote: ’Most sports only require one ball’ 

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