Mick Bell

Name: Mick Bell
Age: 50
What you do when your not cycling: I have recently retired after 32 years as a Station Officer in the London Fire Brigade. I restore cars and ride motorbikes.  I have a particular interest in micro cars and have 2 BMW Isetta 300 bubble cars which I rally.  I also have a Bond Bug which is my current project.
Craziest Place You Have Ever Cycled: 800 miles around Ireland through beautiful scenery.  But I only saw blokes backsides as we were doing an average speed of 27.5 mph over 8 days in the Rás (Tour of Ireland)
Favourite Ride: Mountain biking at Coed Y Brenin
Favourite Riding Snack: Leith Hill cake
Most looking forward to the Tour: riding my bike 2000 miles in the sun
Most scared of on the Tour: riding my bike 2000 miles in the wet
Best Cycling Quote: If you want to go faster just push the peddles harder.

General Stuff

I have been riding competitively since I was 14 years old and have never missed a cyclo cross season since. 
I started as a school boy, winning a bronze at the National Champs.  I then represented GB as a junior and won a silver medal in the National Champs that year. 
Currently I am 2012 British National Champion Cyclo cross- Vets over 50 and winner of the Cyclo cross National Trophy Series.

I also ride on the road, track and mountain bike. On the road one of my greatest achievements was completing the Ras (The Tour of Ireland) with a race speed 1mph quicker than that year’s Tour de France. I also achieved a silver medal in the Fire Service World Championship 2003.   My biggest mountain bike achievement was winning the Fire Brigade World Championships in France 1997.
I suppose I also need to mention my 2011 climb of Alpe D’Huez on my Raleigh Chopper.  It was given to me as Christmas present when I was 10. I managed it 1 hr 17 mins.

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